Educational Technology Integration

I'm learning a lot of technology, how to keep up, and the tools available. I'm catching on to all of that, but I wondered...How do we integrate it? How are students and teachers using it to be more efficient, and effective? In pursuit of some answers I found an article from the CDE (Center for Digital Education). The article outlines:
Top-ranked school districts have been announced in the ninth annual Digital School Districts Survey by the Center for Digital Education (CDE) and the National School Boards Association (NSBA). The survey showcases exemplary school boards’ and districts’ use of technology to govern the district, communicate with students, parents and the community and to improve district operations.
Who better to learn from than award winning leaders? Here are some implementation ideas from these districts:
  • Skype or iChat to access important meetings if off site and can even be projected via live-cast onto the screen in the board room
  • Dashboards to measure assessments, teaching with mobile-friendly digital curriculum and using e-textbooks
  • Requiring students to take online classes for graduation and, beginning in the sixth grade students build and maintain a college and career-ready e-portfolio
Chart comparing using vs integrating technology
The chart above is from a blog on teachbytes. The blogger,

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